Once the roofing or small building work has been completed on your property, you can benefit from internal or external painting which will complete the overall renovation, we can do this for you too!

Preparation of walls is key in producing a stunning professional finish to the painting job so we make sure that the walls are completely dry and smooth before the paint is applied. We will make sure that all repairs and repointing is made to the walls too before any painting takes place, we understand the importance of preparation.

If scaffolding is needed we provide this too to get the job done professionally and efficiently.

Eco Friendly

We always strive to consider the environment when choosing our products, those that are good for you and good for our planet.

Along with painting, we also reseal brickwork. If there are any cracks in the brickwork, it will absorb water and eventually this will cause damp patches to appear on your inside walls. These damp patches might contain salts which have washed out of the brickwork and which will form white, crunchy deposits which can erupt through your paintwork and blow your plaster. The damp patches can also be cold spots on your wall, these cold spots can cause condensation and encourage the development of black mould spots.

Resealing of your walls is paramount before any painting can take place. Ask a member of our reliable team for some more information on the resealing of walls.

Cladding is also a speciality of ours here at Arkiton Contractors Ltd. Cladding can completely change the look and purpose of a building and is used for many different installations. Because of these reasons, our cladding is purpose built to our customers´ individual requirements.

Our company is built on reputation so it is our goal to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer so they will recommend our services to family and friends. We do the job right and on time! Let us exceed your expectations, give our friendly and reliable team a call today to organise a free home or business visit to discuss your internal or external painting, resealing or cladding requirements, call us on Freephone 0800 933 0247.