ROOF REPAIRS (For emergency roof repairs call our 24 hour support line on 0800 933 0247 !)

Arkiton Contractors Ltd carry out a wide range of roof repairs throughout Maidstone, Kent and Sussex offering all our customers a written guarantee that the work is done properly and with suitable materials to provide peace-of-mind with all our work. All our staff are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of tiled roof repairs, slate roof repairs and flat roof repairs, and will offer our customers honest and open advice as well as a written quote for any work required.

Whether you have a couple of slipped slates, some tiles have blown off in strong winds or the lead-work around your chimney is leaking, Arkiton Contractors Ltd can help. We are registered with the confederation of roofing contractors and can carry out any insurance work required to your roof quickly and easily.

Some of the typical roof repairs we carry out in the south east include:

  • Replacing and re-positioning slates
  • Replacing broken or missing tiles
  • Fixing leaks in slate or tiled roofs
  • Fixing leaks in flat roofs
  • Renew or replace felt and battens
  • Fixing leaking lead-work to chimneys and valleys
  • Re-bedding hips and ridges
  • Re-pointing ridges and hips
  • Pointing chimney stacks
  • Repairing and replacing gutters

When one of our team come to look at your roof, the first thing they will do is to survey the outside of the roof to determine the extent of any problems. Once they have fully determined what problems you have, they will then explain to you exactly what needs doing and provide you with a written quote for the work. If our staff find any other issues with your roof which may lead to problems, either now or in the near-future, they will also advise you on these and, only if you ask them to, will provide a quote for these works too.

If you would like some advice, or a free written quotation on your roof repairs, feel free to give us a call on 0800 933 0247

We welcome enquiries for all roofing repairs including:

  • Slate & tile roof repairs
  • Flat roofing system repairs
  • Replacement of missing tiles
  • Repairs following weather damage
  • Chimney maintenance, repointing & repairs
  • Full or partial replacement roofs
  • Ridge tiles & verges

With over 30 years´experience in the roofing industry, we are the roofing experts to call in Maidstone, Kent and Sussex. We serve customers in and around all of the above mentioned areas, see our Area Coverage page for more information.

Ridge tiles & Verges

On a standard roof in older houses, the area where the tiles meet the gable ends of the house is called the Roof Verge. The verge acts as a seal and helps to hold the roof tiles in place. Over time, water damage, frost damage or the natural settling of the house can cause the mortar to crack and even fall out. If the damage gets worse it can quickly effect the integrity of the whole roof so it is important to get it fixed

Our team provide replacement roofs, roof restoration and all types of roof repair services, no matter what you require. We have an undisputed track record and thousands of satisfied customers, ask a member of our team to show you references or better still, ask them to show you homes or businesses local to you who we have completed work on.

Small problems can often lead to bigger problems down the line if they are not treated or not treated correctly, so it is important to deal with the roof repair as soon as it is noticed on your property to avoid unnecessary cost and disruption to your household.

Moss removal and roof coatings can be applied by our experienced team to prolong the lifespan of your roof once your repair has been fixed.

Moss removal/Roof coatings

Out of sight, out of mind comes to mind when it comes to many people’s roof. As it’s not something you look at too often, it’s not the first thing on your list to get cleaned. However, many different types of roof can become damaged due to high winds and bad weather. This can make them thick with dirt and algae and whilst you may not notice how bad they’ve become, chances are anyone visiting your home will have noticed. If you’re trying sell your home, you’d be surprised at what impression a clean and pristine roof makes, and it could also attract more buyers.

It’s not only the look of your roof that matters. Years of neglect can damage your tiles or make them porous, and this build up of dirt and grime can lead to blocked gutters too. Avoiding these problems means getting your roof cleaned professionally by those experienced in the trade to avoid any health and safety issues, or indeed any accidents.

Due to the extremes of weather and age, roof tiles become very porous and over time can crack and allow water in. As a result, roof tiles lose their colour and become prone to the growth of moss and algae. Moss really needs to be removed from the roof tiles by a qualified company such as Arkiton Contractors Ltd. Once removed we will protect your roof by applying a suitable roof coating/sealant which will protect it from further deterioration as well as inhibiting the further growth of moss and algae.

The application of this roof coating/sealant will also:

  • Extend the life of your roof
  • Improve the look of your roof and home
  • Add value to your home
  • Protect from the further growth of moss and algae
  • Prevents water penetration and protects
    against frost damage
  • Roof is easier to clean
  • Coating has 10 year product guarantee
  • Available in 5 different colours to compliment your home

Speak to a reliable member of our team for further information on our moss removal/roof coating service.

We welcome all roof repair enquiries no matter how big or small from Domestic and Commercial customers so give us a call today to organise a site visit on Freephone 0800 933 0247.


Chimney brickwork, stonework, mortar and lead flashing will naturally decay over time so chimneys need to be maintained to ensure there will not be bigger, more expensive repairs in the future. Chimneys need to be repointed if mortar is damaged as it will just crumble away and leave the brick or stonework unsupported and in fear of collapse.

Lead work and lead flashing services are available by our experienced team. We can completely take down an existing chimney, rebuild your existing one or build a completely new chimney, whatever you need, call in the expertise of our team.